OPA Sets Deadline of March 31

On April 3, the OPA Web site posted a “Special OPA Announcement Regarding Tropika Casinos.”The announcement said, “The Tropika group of casinos which we identify below fell seriously behind in player payouts and conducted their promotions in an unacceptable manner late last year.

“Due to their previously good record, the OPA gave them until the end of March to bring their payouts up to date. That deadline has just passed and the time has come to take stronger measures against them to protect the players rights to fast payment. . . .

OPA members who were owed money by Tropika casinos were urged to contact the organization immediately. Non-members were encouraged to file a complaint with the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC).

The IGC is a trade organization of the online gaming industry. Rick Smith, the executive director of the IGC, told RGT Online that Online Commerce -the Tropika subsidiary -has been a member of the IGC since March-April 1999.

Keith Furlong, the IGC official who deals with complaints about members, said the IGC has received one complaint about a Tropika casino. That complaint, in January, was from a player who said he had not been paid his winnings of $850. Furlong said the casino replied that it would look into the complaint and report back to the player.

In an email to Ashbee on April 9, Adkins said, In recent days, your management has issued a letter to players which effectively admits to the cashflow problem and informs that you cannot even give a date by which they might hope to be paid. Despite that, your people continue to encourage deposits in the mistaken hope that today’s deposits can successfully pay out yesterday’s players. What will your management do, for example if one of your players wins large? You have no possibility of paying him or her.”