OPA Sets New Deadline of April 30

Adkins told RGT Online, in an interview on April 13, that Ashbee had called him. He said he had “a very productive conversation” with Ashbee, who told him that the company was having financial difficulties. Ashbee also told him that the casinos had been plagued by numerous chargebacks from credit-card players.

“He sounded real sincere,” Adkins said, but I am worried about any public corporation that can’t afford to pay this amount of money.”

Although Ashbee didn’t give Adkins a deadline for paying the players, the conversation led Adkins to announce, on April 11, that the OPA would give Tropika more time, and called for “a suspension of the action against Tropika.”
In a brief interview with RGT Online on April 18, Ashbee said that the problem was “being taken care of at the moment.” He said he would have more information the next day, but has not returned phone calls since then.

Adkins has run out of patience. Monday afternoon, he told RGT Online that nothing has happened. “I’m contacting him (Ashbee) tomorrow to find out what he’s done in the last two weeks,” Adkins said.

“He told me he had some meeting with a big investor on Thursday. I would venture to say they’re about through. We’re not talking a large sum of money here. This isn’t much. I think they’re all going down. The stock is down to a nickel a share, from $1.22.

“Investors are worried about how the casino could not have the money to pay people. Some of the investors have contacted me and said they feel they’ve been lied to. He’s lied to me….

“I’m really disappointed that he didn’t follow through with me. You’d like to take a guy who’s chairman of a public company, you want to take his word for something. I felt confident after that phone call with him.”

OPA Sets New Deadline of April 30
This morning, Adkins set a new deadline. In an email to Ashbee, he said that if the outstanding payments are not resolved by the end of April, he will proceed with previously threatened actions, including the
filing of a complaint with the Canadian Venture Exchange, where Tropika’s stock is traded, and the filing of a complaint with the authorities in Dominica that license the casinos.

Adkins also threatened “a widely publicized cautionary to players regarding the payout record and general poor practice of your casinos.”

This afternoon, Adkins received a terse email reply from Ashbee: “Oh, I should have mentioned that things should be sorted out by the end of April.”